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If You Have The VIN Number We Make the key, ALL MODELS AND MAKES

Here Are Some of the Vehicles Serviced
  • Toyota / Lexus
  • Mitsubishi
  • Infinity / Nissan
  • Honda / Acura
  • Mazda
  • Ford / Lincoln / Mercury
  • Chevy / Oldsmobile / Buick
  • Chrysler / Jeep / Plymoth
  • VW / Mercedes / BMW

Most problems with keys not working well in car locks can be solved by making a new factory cut key. I have 30+ years experience with car keys. The most common complaint from customers is that their key works poorly in their locks and they assume they need new locks. 90% of the time the problem is the key. After they have been to Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Ect. trying to make keys that work, the car is taken to a mechanic. He is ignorant of the problem because he is not a locksmith, so he is happy to make money replacing the locks. The car lock from the mechanic ends up on my work bench because I have to make it work with the worn out key. I decode the key and make a correct factory cut key according to manufacture's specifications, and it works. Meanwhile the customer has spent hundreds of dollars, not to mention time. If he/she would have brought it to AAA Locksmith in the first place, We could have solved the problem in 5 minutes with little expense.The reason Home Depot, Lowes, and other retail outlets cannot make keys that work is that they are not equiped or skilled at making an original factory key, or for that matter even recognizing that the key is worn. They are clerks not Locksmiths. They simply trace the worn key on a new key blank. This does not solve the problem. I cannot tell you how much time and money is wasted in this effort and customers are amazed that after I make a new key at very little expense, their locks work perfectly. The reason our keys work is that regardless of the make or model even Lexus, VW, BMW, and Mercedes is that we have sophisticated equipment to decode the key and make a new factory cut key just like the dealer but much less expense according to manufacure's specifiations. We can encode CHIP Keys also. Understand that a key is a mechanical device, and like tires or brake pads, wear out and from time to time and need to be replaced. Most of the time the wear is not even visible.  Note also that the professional auto locksmiths at Houston locksmith company, AAA Locksmith Company, are always attending classes on advanced automotive service techniques and we always have the most up to date key generation and programming equipment available. If you need a Houston area auto locksmith, you can make no better choice than AAA Locksmith Company.

AAA Locksmith
7137 Chimney Rock Road
Houston, TX 77081
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