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Wednesday, October 30 2013

People are often fooled into thinking that Schlage locks from Home Depot are a good purchase. Advertising has produced good name recognition for this product. But, does a recognizable name translate into a product that is strong and secure? Will it last and protect you, your family, and your business? The answer is no. Here's why.. These are the "floating" tail pieces from inside of a Schlage deadbolt. The very one that's on your house. These tail pieces rotate, or "float", back and forth and transfer the motion of your turning key to the bolt and extend or retract it. These are notorious for breaking! That is what happened to this poor business owner! She could not open for business on this morning because her key kept turning around and around! Shown here is a picture of the results of our entry into the building. These locks present only a thin skin veneer on the outside surface which serves to "protect" the mounting screws. It is a very simple task to drill these off and the lock falls off and the bolt can be retracted. NOT secure!! This in the backside of the exterior portion of a Multi Lock high security deadbolt. Notice the fixed tail pieces. These are much stronger than those found on the Schlage lock. Notice also the mounting screw  holes. These holes are filled with ball bearings before the lock is installed on the door. These ball bearings act as a drill barrier. Be careful though, I have seen these locks installed by short cut locksmiths who simply throw them away. Oh, this is so ugly it hurts! This did not help those poor Schlage tail pieces! All that jagged metal creates extra friction which caused destruction on the lock components.We replace the broken deadbolt and the light duty lockset with a Multi Lock deadbolt and a commercial grade lockset with a Multi Lock cylinder. We rebuilt the strikes also. Much better than before wouldn't you say? When you decide that your home, business, and your family need the protection of Multi Lock high security locks, call the Houston locksmith that everyone trusts. Call Mike @ AAA Locksmith Company and get the best service available.                                                                                 


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Wednesday, October 30 2013

We received a call from one of our regular clients, a school, to come out and repair their Falcon emergency exit device. Upon arriving this Houston lockmith removed the device from the door and disassembled it in order to determine the nature of the problem. This is what this Houston locksmith found!....No wonder it did not work! Someone had "repaired" it before using a welding machine! I may be good but I know when I'm beat! This could not be repaired. Also, at the other end, the device was falling off the door. This hole is where the large sheet metal screw was used to afix it to the door. This never lasts long. The screws always come loose and/or strips and is pulled out. Here is the old and new device side by side. Notice that the new one on the left is not the same foot print as the old one on the right. This happens all the time as old designs are no longer produced and products evolve. This creates problems that must be dealt with by a skilled, professional Houston locksmith. When starting a job like this one of the first things to do is inventory everything. Match up the parts with the instructions. No matter how many times this Houston area locksmith has done this, he always reads the instructions!! Here the Bellaire locksmith has carefully measured, marked, and measured again all the dimensions in the instuctions. This is stainless. No easy task to cut out. Care and skill are very important and this Bellaire area locksmith has what it takes. So far, so good. Looks easy now but it was quite a job. So simple. This is what is going to replace the stripped screw. Details like this, often over looked, are very important to the successful installation and long life of an emergency exit device. Two thru bolts on the end of the device secure it to the door...... How's this? Details abound in a job like this and overlooking or neglecting any one of them could result in an inferior installation and reduce the life of an emergency exit device such as this. This device was very expensive. It is made by Falcon and is fire rated. It is among the best. A poor installation could, never the less, turn it into a pile of junk very quickly. Many steps are not shown but suffice it to say, there is a lot involved in this type of work. This Houston Bellaire Locksmith takes it all in stride though. It's all in a days' work and it's done with pleasure!

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Tuesday, October 29 2013

One of the things that I tell my customers when I sell myself and my services to them is this. Locks fall off because some "locksmiths" do not have the tools, skills, or ethics that are required to do a job well. It's really true! I have seen some pretty sloppy work out there. Question is..Do you want sloppy work done at your home or business?? Today I went back to complete some work at an area surgery center. The push to exit paddle was falling off the door. (I had gone over there the other day to temporarily fix it)Here is why it fell off.. The original mounting hardware was thrown away and the handle was installed with these self drilling screws! I tell people all the time that when someone gives them a big discount or cheap price, there is a reason for this!! When I arrived the handle was barely hanging there and this door could not be used. Another part of the problem was this jagged hole.. This is where the latch engaged. There should have been a proper strike for this application installed here. This allows the dead latch feature to work and protects the latch from being cut up and hanging up on the jam. This required extra force to open the door and contributed to the handle failure. So this Houston locksmith went back to his really cool locksmith van and retrieved some simple but necessary items. Items which most locksmiths don't carry or use. (I assume this due to the number of locks and devices I find in similiar states) Before long everything was put back together as it should have been all along. A couple of 10/32 machine screws and a tap. It's the small things that sometimes accomplish big results. After reworking the jam, this is what it looked like.No big deal you say? Well these are just a few samples of some of the many things that this Bellaire locksmith carries on his fully equipped locksmith van. You would be surprised how many technicians do not have these simple items on their vans! When I tell my customers that cheap locksmiths are cheap for a reason, I mean it! I see it all the time. An expensive piece of lock hardware becomes just so much junk if it is not installed properly and technicians who quote unrealistic prices for their services do so for a reason. I am only sharing this because I don't want you to become a victim of poor locksmith service. If you are in need of a locksmith and want only the very best service and skill, call us at AAA Locksmith Company. You can expect that that is all we have on our vans!! The best.

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Tuesday, October 29 2013

A day in the life of a Houston locksmith? Always interesting and busy! Here is a sample of what this Bellaire locksmith did today. Check this out... those are pieces of tooth picks, yes tooth picks, that I dug out of a Schlage deadbolt. Schlage deadbolts stink anyway but this customer needed the door to work so he could sell the house. So we fixed what he had. Vandals had stuffed and broken tooth picks inside of three of his deadbolt locks! It was necessary for this Houston locksmith to remove and disassemble the lock in order to clean it. All in a days work! 

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Monday, October 28 2013

I tell all of my customers that they really need to be concerned with the physical security of their homes. Not just to protect their property, but to  protect their families as well. Our country is becoming increasingly difficult for some people and this tendancy  has great potential to touch any of us. Violent crime does not take long to commit. Relying on the quick response of your local police force is just not good enough. It takes seconds to bypass some of the most common locks found on nice homes all over Houston, Bellaire, and West University. This article is about poverty and it's impact on America. This will, no doubt, lead to increased violent crime. Take steps NOW to protect yourself and the ones you love. Read and pay close attention to the information provided below.

 This photo is of a Kwikset lock. It is  an older sample but this lock has remained unchanged for decades. It can be found on newly built homes all over town. It is similiar to other brands like Defiant, Tuff Stuff, Schlage, (yes, inspite of the name recognition.) etc. This is the strike into which the bolt is engaged. This set up can be found on ANY home! Even multi million dollar newly constructed homes. Remember, this brand is only a sample. There are numerous brands out there that builders use that are as unsecure as this. Let's see some more....... This series of images demonstrates how easy it is to bypass this type of lock. Using a common ice pick, two holes have been made in the outside face of the lock directly onto of the mounting screws. There is only a very thin skin here covering these screws. Then, a small drill bit is run into each hole and it unscrews the mounting screws. At this point the mounting screws fall off, the lock falls off, and the lock can be opened with a screw driver. All of this takes less than 60 seconds. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to take steps to insure their safety against this type of attack. How can this be done? One very good way is to replace all this junk, like the homeowner at the showcased location has done, with high security locks from Multi Lock. Multi Lock is a high security lock system manufactured in Israel. There are several features which make this lock the lock of choice for home owners looking for superior safety and functionality.

With it's patented, restricted key, anti drill inserts, pick resistant interlocking tumbler system,  heavy duty strike system, and over all super duty construction, Multi Lock provides superior protection against home invasion. The  ball bearings in this photo inter lock with the stike shown here. It may not look like much, but this strike has 4 3" screws securing it to the door frame studs. Two come with the lock and the others are installed by our technicians as part of our superior installation process. The heavy duty strike securing the commercial grade lockset is also installed with 3" screws. These also are supplied by our technicians. Not shown are the other hardened steel components on this lock. I'll have to show how these are assembled next time. Suffice it to say there are some very nice parts built into this product! The type of attach demonstrated in this article against a light duty deadbolt is not possible with the Multi Lock high security deadbolt. Shown here on the left is the old strike and on the right the components of the Multi Lock high security strike system. Big difference. Be aware though, that some less qualified locksmiths will not use all of the pieces supplied here! It is much easier to install these locks if you just throw away some of these pieces!  You don't get the high security that Multi Lock is intended to provide and this is something that our company will never do. Hard work has it's rewards and we work hard to provide Houston area residents safety, security, quality locks, and superior locksmith service and craftsmanship. Call anyone else at your own peril. There are several good locksmith companies in Houston but AAA Locksmith is the best. 

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Thursday, October 24 2013

The other day we had a service order for one of our many happy houston locksmith customers. He needed to have the broken locks on his warehouse replaced with code compliant exit devices. The work was progressing quite well until....   drilling these two little holes for the strike for the last emergency exit device! While drilling into the concrete filled jam, this Bellaire locksmith hit stones! You know, those stones they mix with cement! Hard little things! This Houston locksmith hit them dead on and they were not going to  budge. I tried for a while to punch and drill through them with masone bits but to no avail. I kept burning up my bits. When something like this happens, you, the customer, better know that the licensed Houston locksmith that you hired can get the job done! You better know that he has years of locksmith experience and many tools, parts, and tricks in his locksmith van that will ensure success! Well this West U locksmith does indeed have all that! Switching tools and a little of this  and a little of that and I had two clean holes in the concrete and the strike secured! Our houston locksmith customer  went from this....and this to this..... in a day of work. We replaced what were household grade locks on a warehouse containing millions of dollars worth of  equipment with secure, code compliant exit devices on 3 doors. When looking at these photos one could be fooled into thinking that a job like this is no big deal. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have ever seen exit devices like this falling off of a door or the strike hanging down then you have seen why it is a big deal that these types of devices are installed properly. Poor installation leads to poor service life and poor security! Don't skimp on quality of product or service provider. If you need a Houston locksmith, you are making a poor choice if you don't choose AAA Locksmith Company! Our technicians have everything they need on their vans! Our locksmith vans are awesome! Even other locksmith companies  like them! So, when you need a locksmith that you can TRUST, call us. We are at your disposal and we will see the task through to completion.

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Thursday, October 24 2013
Twenty minutes or so after telephoning the company, Mike showed up at my apartment complex. He opened my car in 20 seconds flat. I looked for my keys inside, but they weren't there. He went straight to work on making a new one. When it was finished he had to reprogram the car's computer for the new key, but this was all done in half and hour. I am well pleased with the speedy service and the price.
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Thursday, October 17 2013

Tip of the day: As technology progresses the keys to our cars become better and more expensive to replace. Before the unfortunate loss of a set of keys making a copy keeps one covered until they are able to receive a replacement. We can assist with most duplications and reprograming of automobile keys, and in the case of a lock out. Stop by or give us a call and let us help with your needs and provide you with outstanding customer service. #houstonlocksmith #locksmithinhouston #bellairelocksmith #locksmithinbellaire

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Thursday, October 10 2013

Well? What is in a name? I would argue that there is plenty! AAA Locksmith Company and Mike Wilson  have long standing reputations for quality service, extremely high standards, and dedication to mission accomplishment.

AAA Locksmith Company has been serving the Houston Locksmith  and Bellaire Locksmith needs of area residents and businesses for over 35 years! Started by his father,the Bellaire Locksmith company is  now operated by Scott White. By the grace of God, Scott has managed to keep AAA Locksmith Company going through many difficult and trying times, including the passing of his beloved brother. Scott has persevered and demonstrated a true serving spirit all these years as a dedicated Houston Locksmith. It is time now for Mike Wilson to help carry the load.

Mike is known as one of the great technical craftsman of the Houston Locksmith industry. A native Houstonian, Mike was born in Channelview Texas and grew up in SW Houston and Fort Bend County. He began his Houston Locksmith career in Houston and then spent 18 years in Atlanta Georgia, where his Atlanta Locksmith company is still serving Atlanta residents. Prior to returning to Houston in 2010, Mike flew to Austin to take the TDPS exam and after passing the exam on his first attempt,(the exam has a high failure rate) became a licensed Houston Texas locksmith.

 Upon settling down once again in Houston, Providence's hand led him to Scott and AAA Locksmith. Scott, a dedicated Bellaire locksmith, was in need of a good, licensed Houston locksmith who could carry on the tradition of excellent service that AAA Locksmith is known for.  The long standing reputation of Houston locksmith company, AAA Locksmith Company, and the dedication to locksmith technical perfection practiced by Mike teamed up to create a formidable force in the Houston locksmith community. Scott and Mike are committed to the legacy of their predecessors. By way of continuing locksmith training and education, and the hiring of like minded technicians, they will continue to provide the residents and business owners of Bellaire, Houston, and surrounding areas with superior safe, locksmith, and access control services. Watch and be a part of our excitement as we build AAA Locksmith Company into one of Houston's biggest and finest Houston locksmith companies.


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Tuesday, October 08 2013

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success" --Napoleon Hill

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Tuesday, October 01 2013

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite quotes. Enjoy it!! #locksmithinhouston #locksmithhouston #houstonlocksmith

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