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Wednesday, November 27 2013

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Wednesday, November 06 2013

This Bellaire locksmith doesn't just work on businesses and homes. Almost anything with a lock on it is fair game! Houston's best locksmith company recently got a call from a gentleman who wanted us to come over and open his Honda. Seems that his key would no longer enter the door locks on his car!In this locksmith photo, you can see the key at the top is the customers old worn key. See the round nose? The key at the bottom is the one made by Scott at AAA Locksmith Company. See how clean the edges are? This little difference can cause your car locks to fail! At this point both of his door locks were bad and had to  be replaced. We recoded the new locks to match his key and installed them. This is the target of all this.. All's well in the end. Both doors were reassembled with no left over parts!haha No worries. This Houston locksmith has done this many times!

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Wednesday, November 06 2013

I have stated many times in the past the I believe Schlage locks are not safe. Here is another example of why I feel this way. Schlage deadbolt locks are SO easy to open with a small drill bit! Here is a view of  a lock at a customers home where we installed 4 Multi Lock high security deadbolts. This lock was on its' way to the trash so I took the opportunity to use it as an educational sacrifice!  There is NO  protection in this lock from this sort of attach! It takes mere seconds to get to here... The lock is now open. Multi Lock high security deadbolts are protected by ball bearings and hardened steel inserts intended to thwart such attacks. The backside of the lock shows the plastic, yes plastic, detents which are intended to deadlock the bolt.Don't know about you, but I do not want plastic pieces keeping my door locked!This is one of the 1/2" screws holding the strike to the door frame. I don't want to use the word "securing" because it is anything but secure!That is one of the 4 3" screws securing the ML strike to the frame.This is the finished ML strike. This is where the ML sucurity bolt with ball bearings is engaged. Now that is strong! I have seen boot prints on doors left by people trying to kick in doors with ML high security deadbolts! To no avail! I firmly believe that any home without Multi Lock high security  is vulnerable. This Houston locksmith's own home is secured with Multi Lock high security  deadbolts and double pane tempered glass windows. This Houston area locksmith is determined to keep his family, and your's, safe! If you care about safety and security, call AAA Locksmith Company right away  and this Houston Locksmith will come right over and get it done!


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