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Friday, December 20 2013

Finding a Locksmith

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car or home, you know what a hassle it can be. Your first thought is to get someone to help you out of your situation. If a family member or friend can’t deliver a spare set of keys, your next call might be to a local locksmith. But before you make that call, consider this: According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, some locksmiths advertising in your local telephone book may not be local at all. They may not have professional training. What’s more, some of them may use intimidating tactics and overcharge you. AAA locksmith Company have been proudly serving houston and bellaire TX for their locksmith needs for over 30 years, since 1973. 713-666-5625.

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Welcome to AAA Locksmith Company.  We have been proudly serving Houston for over 30 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our shop is located at 7137 Chimney Rock Road, Houston, TX 77081.  We are licenced and insured.  We are the only locksmith in Texas authorized and licensed as AAA Locksmith Company #B11910.


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Monday, December 16 2013

Your Houston locksmith in 77054 does all types of Houston locksmith jobs. Just now finished opening a car for a Houston Locksmith in 77054 customer! Fast, clean service. No bait and switch locksmith prices! Houston's best locksmith. Fair, reliable, capable, honest.. What more do you want in a Houston Locksmith. No other Houston locksmith can compare. Call us today, or any day, for all of your Houston locksmith needs. AAA Locksmith Company 713 666 5625

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Wednesday, December 11 2013

$15.00 Locksmith, this is a bait and switch just waiting to happen! Look carefully at the price sheet on the google page.

Notice how all of the price entries state that the price is xxx "and up". It's the "and up" that gets you!

Really, no business model can be sustained on a $15.00 trip charge. This is just wishful thinking on the part of citizens hoping for something for nothing. Any good company with real highly trained technicians is going to charge fees that are realistic and profitable. Any locksmith company that advertices a price structure as low as some of these discount ads depict is going to make up for the difference somehow. Do you want to risk the safety of your home and family with a company that begins its relationship with you on misleading pretexts? I would like to think not. Never the less, some people are so obsessed with getting a discount that it becomes an illness. These types of people are the rightful victims of these types of bait and switch operations. If they are not ripped off then the best they can hope for is poor service and craftsmanship. They will be so luck if that is the only danger.  If you need a really good locksmith, from a company that has been around for over 36 years, call AAA Locksmith Company at 713 666 5625. Get a locksmith you can trust.

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Monday, December 09 2013

Here is another client that decided to protect her home and family with Multi Lock High Security deadbolts. Professionally installed by Bellaire Locksmith, AAA Locksmith Company! She had the ubiquitous, poor quality, Schlage locks on her garage apartment. This is where the family was staying during renovations of the main home. This one happened to be..what?? Broken!!! As sooo many Schlage locks are apt to be! Those are the broken pieces, right where they  fell.This experienced Houston Locksmith will promptly toss this junk into the waste basket. I don't even keep parts to repair these inferior locks. Even the "regular" locks that this Houston Locksmith carries on his van are better than these, so there is no point trying to repair junk.AAA Locksmith Company, your Houston Locksmith, installed a Multi Lock High Security deadbolt and two commercial grade locksets with Multi Lock High Security cylinders on the main door and the side door. As the home renovations draw to a close, we will be going back to install more Multi Lock High Security locks on rest of the doors. If you really care about your security and safety, you need to call AAA Locksmith Company and have us replace all of your locks with Multi Lock High Security locks! This Houston Locksmith would not live anywhere with out these locks securing his home and family! 713 666 5625

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Monday, December 09 2013

The difference between...our company and some of the others, having and not having the proper tools and expertice, dedication or the lack thereof. AAA Locksmith Company, your Houston Locksmith,  recently rekeyed the locks on a nice home for a customer. That was pretty routine stuff for this Bellaire Locksmith. But, out back by the pool, he had an old soda machine and no key to open it! The service technician that we had sent out to rekey the locks did not have a tubular key pick with him so I, Mike, the technical manager for AAA Locksmith, made it a point to go out there the next day, Friday. I picked the  lock fairly quickly but when I went back to my van  to cut the key I realized that I did not have the right key blank. Instead of blowing this guy off, I made a trip to my warehouse before the day ended and planned to return on Saturday to cut the key. Saturday turned out to be off the wall busy and I was unable to go there. No problem, Sunday morning rolled around and found this Houston Area Locksmith at his front door! It took no time to finish cutting the key and now this happy customer of Houston's Locksmith Company, AAA Locksmith, is ready to stock up the machine with drinks! Gettin ready for the warm days ahead. You know, this is Texas. The weather can change any day!The alternative to the clean and effecient job done by Houston Locksmith, AAA Locksmith Company, could have been a lock that was improperly  drilled out by a person with no training. The lock and the encasement could have been destroyed and, as we have seen on numerous occassions, the "locksmith" could have abandoned the job for lack of knowledge and his out of state office could refuse to send him back or take responsibility for the mess. We have seen this happen to helpless customers too often!! Sad but true. This "simple" job could have turned into an anything but simple nightmare!  Glad he called Houston's finest locksmith, AAA Locksmith Company!  713 666 5625

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Friday, December 06 2013

It’s getting chilly outside and we know the last thing anyone wants is to be locked out in the cold. Stay warm and give us a call if you need anything---our emergency telephone number is 713-665-3507. We're here to help you. #locksmithinhouston #houstonlocksmith #bellairelocksmith #locksmithinbellaire locksmith in houston, houston locksmith, bellaire locksmith, locksmith in bellaire.

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