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Wednesday, February 26 2014

People often ask this  Bellaire Locksmith if Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks really are as strong as Bellaire's Locksmith claims. Here is proof that this Bellaire Locksmith is telling the truth about Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks. 

Mike Wilson, Bellaire Locksmith's master level locksmith, had the opportunity to put Mul-T-Lock High Security locks to the test. He met the president of a company which manufactured devices for the military. One such device was a gun which fired a reciprocating chisel. It was designed to breach doors by breaking the locks. He agreed to allow Mike to install a Mul-T-Lock High Security Deadbolt onto his test door and test his gun against it. This is the same lock that Mike Wilson, your Bellaire Locksmith, installs on the homes and businesses of people who truly want High Security! 

Here is the gun and a test platform with bolts on it. The gun could cut the bolt heads clean off!

Pretty impressive! He also demonstrated how well the gun busted open cheap locks mounted on his test door.  It us ually took only 1 or 2 well places shots from his 27 cal. guun to completely disentigrate these inferior residential grade locks. He had piles of them lying about! These are the same cheap locks that most Houston Locksmith customers have on their homes! Bellaire Locksmith has seen these very locks on homes all over Houston, Bellaire, and West U. These cheap locks are on modest homes and executive homes!! Is this what you want securing your home and family??

 Here is the Mul-T-Lock High Security deadbolt which Bellaire Locksmith Mike Wilson installed on the test door. This is the same lock that Bellaire locksmith installs on the homes of security conscious families all over the Houston Locksmith area.  Mike used the same techniques that he uses every time he installs Mull-T-Lock High Security Locks.

Not much damage to the lock after several blows from the gun. Seems we are off to a slow start!

 The results of several direct 37k psi blows, directly onto the outside key cylinder. This is the inside of the lock where the thumb turn knob was. The blows were so strong that it popped off! The door is still not even close to opening!

 A few more and the door is starting to split badly. Still not opening.

 After many subsequent blows and a little help from his shoulder the door was finally pushed open! This procedure required 13 blows from this gun at 37k psi and the demonstrator had the ability to move around and examine the inside of the door as he worked. The Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt more than proved itself with this test. So, do you want security for your family? If you do, call Bellaire Locksmith, AAA Locksmith Company, and have Mike install Mul-T-Lock High Security on your home. Your family will appreciate love you for it!

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Monday, February 17 2014

 Dont forget Bellaire's favorite locksmith company, AAA Locksmith Company also makes and programs today's sophisticated car keys. We have all the latest key programming equipment and attend numerous classes and seminars throughout the year in order to keep abreast of all the changing technology and latest techniques.

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Monday, February 17 2014

So someone calls and says that they "just want someone to come over and drill a cylinder out". Well for this professional Bellaire locksmith it may be "just" that easy but if the wrong locksmith tries to do this it  could turn into a very expensive exercise for the client.   

This particular Bellaire Locksmith customer had a quantity of gates at a softball field and they all used the same unusual key. For some reason this 1 lock did not work in the system and was locked onto the gate latch in a manner that rendered it useless. If this type of lock cylinder is not drilled properly the lock body could be ruined; adding to the overall cost of the job. This lock was welded to the chain which was welded to the gate. It would have been a lot of trouble if the lock had to be replaced. No big deal for the professional Bellaire locksmiths at AAA Locksmith Company. With our experience and on the van inventory every job is "just" all in a day's work..

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Sunday, February 02 2014

Just a reminder. If you ever need a professional safe technician or safe cracker, feel free to call the professional locksmiths at Houston's only locksmith, AAA Locksmith Company! Our staff of highly trained safe experts can open any safe. We receive continuous training and education through books and classes. We can also reset or change the combination to your safe or repair/replace the safe lock if it is old and worn out. Next time you need a professional Houston area safe technician, call AAA Locksmith Company.



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