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Friday, June 07 2019

Yes, Mike Wison is still here. I haven't posted anything lately as someone else was in charge of that for awhile. I've been out taking care of business. I, Mike Wilson, am a senior locksmith, specializing in residential, commercial and High Security locks, safe cracking, and access control. AAA Locksmith Company has been providing superior locksmith service to the Bellaire and greater Houston locksmith area for over 40 years and it has been my pleasure to have led the technical team for the last  8 years. Craftmanship lives on here at AAA Locksmith Company. We still believe in maintaining a quality skill set and take care that all the commercial locksmith and residential locksmith jobs that we complete are done to the highest standards possible. Hands on work such as fitting doors with commercial exit hardware is still a task that requires SKILL. Period. The internet will never replace this. A robot will never replace this. A highly skilled human, locksmith technician is required to see, touch, feel, hear, and alter, doors and locks so that optimal performance is achieved in exchange for the hard earned money that you, the client, spend and that we, the skilled  locksmiths, earn. Here is a recent example of a safe that I opened for a client. This client's safe was flooded during Hurricane Harvey and the lock froze. This safe is a TL15 jewelers safe and is very hard to drill so this was not my first choice for opening it. So, calling upon my own 30+ years experience, I worked smarter, not harder. I was able to use methods organic to my experience and analysis. I opened the safe without drilling it and replaced the lock. This is not an east or  cheap job but it was rendered easier and less costly by the judicious application of my experience as a safe technician. This is just one example of the type of locksmith work that we at AAA Locksmith perform.

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