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Thursday, October 24 2013

The other day we had a service order for one of our many happy houston locksmith customers. He needed to have the broken locks on his warehouse replaced with code compliant exit devices. The work was progressing quite well until....   drilling these two little holes for the strike for the last emergency exit device! While drilling into the concrete filled jam, this Bellaire locksmith hit stones! You know, those stones they mix with cement! Hard little things! This Houston locksmith hit them dead on and they were not going to  budge. I tried for a while to punch and drill through them with masone bits but to no avail. I kept burning up my bits. When something like this happens, you, the customer, better know that the licensed Houston locksmith that you hired can get the job done! You better know that he has years of locksmith experience and many tools, parts, and tricks in his locksmith van that will ensure success! Well this West U locksmith does indeed have all that! Switching tools and a little of this  and a little of that and I had two clean holes in the concrete and the strike secured! Our houston locksmith customer  went from this....and this to this..... in a day of work. We replaced what were household grade locks on a warehouse containing millions of dollars worth of  equipment with secure, code compliant exit devices on 3 doors. When looking at these photos one could be fooled into thinking that a job like this is no big deal. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have ever seen exit devices like this falling off of a door or the strike hanging down then you have seen why it is a big deal that these types of devices are installed properly. Poor installation leads to poor service life and poor security! Don't skimp on quality of product or service provider. If you need a Houston locksmith, you are making a poor choice if you don't choose AAA Locksmith Company! Our technicians have everything they need on their vans! Our locksmith vans are awesome! Even other locksmith companies  like them! So, when you need a locksmith that you can TRUST, call us. We are at your disposal and we will see the task through to completion.

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