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Monday, October 28 2013

I tell all of my customers that they really need to be concerned with the physical security of their homes. Not just to protect their property, but to  protect their families as well. Our country is becoming increasingly difficult for some people and this tendancy  has great potential to touch any of us. Violent crime does not take long to commit. Relying on the quick response of your local police force is just not good enough. It takes seconds to bypass some of the most common locks found on nice homes all over Houston, Bellaire, and West University. This article is about poverty and it's impact on America. This will, no doubt, lead to increased violent crime. Take steps NOW to protect yourself and the ones you love. Read and pay close attention to the information provided below.

 This photo is of a Kwikset lock. It is  an older sample but this lock has remained unchanged for decades. It can be found on newly built homes all over town. It is similiar to other brands like Defiant, Tuff Stuff, Schlage, (yes, inspite of the name recognition.) etc. This is the strike into which the bolt is engaged. This set up can be found on ANY home! Even multi million dollar newly constructed homes. Remember, this brand is only a sample. There are numerous brands out there that builders use that are as unsecure as this. Let's see some more....... This series of images demonstrates how easy it is to bypass this type of lock. Using a common ice pick, two holes have been made in the outside face of the lock directly onto of the mounting screws. There is only a very thin skin here covering these screws. Then, a small drill bit is run into each hole and it unscrews the mounting screws. At this point the mounting screws fall off, the lock falls off, and the lock can be opened with a screw driver. All of this takes less than 60 seconds. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to take steps to insure their safety against this type of attack. How can this be done? One very good way is to replace all this junk, like the homeowner at the showcased location has done, with high security locks from Multi Lock. Multi Lock is a high security lock system manufactured in Israel. There are several features which make this lock the lock of choice for home owners looking for superior safety and functionality.

With it's patented, restricted key, anti drill inserts, pick resistant interlocking tumbler system,  heavy duty strike system, and over all super duty construction, Multi Lock provides superior protection against home invasion. The  ball bearings in this photo inter lock with the stike shown here. It may not look like much, but this strike has 4 3" screws securing it to the door frame studs. Two come with the lock and the others are installed by our technicians as part of our superior installation process. The heavy duty strike securing the commercial grade lockset is also installed with 3" screws. These also are supplied by our technicians. Not shown are the other hardened steel components on this lock. I'll have to show how these are assembled next time. Suffice it to say there are some very nice parts built into this product! The type of attach demonstrated in this article against a light duty deadbolt is not possible with the Multi Lock high security deadbolt. Shown here on the left is the old strike and on the right the components of the Multi Lock high security strike system. Big difference. Be aware though, that some less qualified locksmiths will not use all of the pieces supplied here! It is much easier to install these locks if you just throw away some of these pieces!  You don't get the high security that Multi Lock is intended to provide and this is something that our company will never do. Hard work has it's rewards and we work hard to provide Houston area residents safety, security, quality locks, and superior locksmith service and craftsmanship. Call anyone else at your own peril. There are several good locksmith companies in Houston but AAA Locksmith is the best. 

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