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Tuesday, October 29 2013

One of the things that I tell my customers when I sell myself and my services to them is this. Locks fall off because some "locksmiths" do not have the tools, skills, or ethics that are required to do a job well. It's really true! I have seen some pretty sloppy work out there. Question is..Do you want sloppy work done at your home or business?? Today I went back to complete some work at an area surgery center. The push to exit paddle was falling off the door. (I had gone over there the other day to temporarily fix it)Here is why it fell off.. The original mounting hardware was thrown away and the handle was installed with these self drilling screws! I tell people all the time that when someone gives them a big discount or cheap price, there is a reason for this!! When I arrived the handle was barely hanging there and this door could not be used. Another part of the problem was this jagged hole.. This is where the latch engaged. There should have been a proper strike for this application installed here. This allows the dead latch feature to work and protects the latch from being cut up and hanging up on the jam. This required extra force to open the door and contributed to the handle failure. So this Houston locksmith went back to his really cool locksmith van and retrieved some simple but necessary items. Items which most locksmiths don't carry or use. (I assume this due to the number of locks and devices I find in similiar states) Before long everything was put back together as it should have been all along. A couple of 10/32 machine screws and a tap. It's the small things that sometimes accomplish big results. After reworking the jam, this is what it looked like.No big deal you say? Well these are just a few samples of some of the many things that this Bellaire locksmith carries on his fully equipped locksmith van. You would be surprised how many technicians do not have these simple items on their vans! When I tell my customers that cheap locksmiths are cheap for a reason, I mean it! I see it all the time. An expensive piece of lock hardware becomes just so much junk if it is not installed properly and technicians who quote unrealistic prices for their services do so for a reason. I am only sharing this because I don't want you to become a victim of poor locksmith service. If you are in need of a locksmith and want only the very best service and skill, call us at AAA Locksmith Company. You can expect that that is all we have on our vans!! The best.

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