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Wednesday, October 30 2013

We received a call from one of our regular clients, a school, to come out and repair their Falcon emergency exit device. Upon arriving this Houston lockmith removed the device from the door and disassembled it in order to determine the nature of the problem. This is what this Houston locksmith found!....No wonder it did not work! Someone had "repaired" it before using a welding machine! I may be good but I know when I'm beat! This could not be repaired. Also, at the other end, the device was falling off the door. This hole is where the large sheet metal screw was used to afix it to the door. This never lasts long. The screws always come loose and/or strips and is pulled out. Here is the old and new device side by side. Notice that the new one on the left is not the same foot print as the old one on the right. This happens all the time as old designs are no longer produced and products evolve. This creates problems that must be dealt with by a skilled, professional Houston locksmith. When starting a job like this one of the first things to do is inventory everything. Match up the parts with the instructions. No matter how many times this Houston area locksmith has done this, he always reads the instructions!! Here the Bellaire locksmith has carefully measured, marked, and measured again all the dimensions in the instuctions. This is stainless. No easy task to cut out. Care and skill are very important and this Bellaire area locksmith has what it takes. So far, so good. Looks easy now but it was quite a job. So simple. This is what is going to replace the stripped screw. Details like this, often over looked, are very important to the successful installation and long life of an emergency exit device. Two thru bolts on the end of the device secure it to the door...... How's this? Details abound in a job like this and overlooking or neglecting any one of them could result in an inferior installation and reduce the life of an emergency exit device such as this. This device was very expensive. It is made by Falcon and is fire rated. It is among the best. A poor installation could, never the less, turn it into a pile of junk very quickly. Many steps are not shown but suffice it to say, there is a lot involved in this type of work. This Houston Bellaire Locksmith takes it all in stride though. It's all in a days' work and it's done with pleasure!

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