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Wednesday, October 30 2013

People are often fooled into thinking that Schlage locks from Home Depot are a good purchase. Advertising has produced good name recognition for this product. But, does a recognizable name translate into a product that is strong and secure? Will it last and protect you, your family, and your business? The answer is no. Here's why.. These are the "floating" tail pieces from inside of a Schlage deadbolt. The very one that's on your house. These tail pieces rotate, or "float", back and forth and transfer the motion of your turning key to the bolt and extend or retract it. These are notorious for breaking! That is what happened to this poor business owner! She could not open for business on this morning because her key kept turning around and around! Shown here is a picture of the results of our entry into the building. These locks present only a thin skin veneer on the outside surface which serves to "protect" the mounting screws. It is a very simple task to drill these off and the lock falls off and the bolt can be retracted. NOT secure!! This in the backside of the exterior portion of a Multi Lock high security deadbolt. Notice the fixed tail pieces. These are much stronger than those found on the Schlage lock. Notice also the mounting screw  holes. These holes are filled with ball bearings before the lock is installed on the door. These ball bearings act as a drill barrier. Be careful though, I have seen these locks installed by short cut locksmiths who simply throw them away. Oh, this is so ugly it hurts! This did not help those poor Schlage tail pieces! All that jagged metal creates extra friction which caused destruction on the lock components.We replace the broken deadbolt and the light duty lockset with a Multi Lock deadbolt and a commercial grade lockset with a Multi Lock cylinder. We rebuilt the strikes also. Much better than before wouldn't you say? When you decide that your home, business, and your family need the protection of Multi Lock high security locks, call the Houston locksmith that everyone trusts. Call Mike @ AAA Locksmith Company and get the best service available.                                                                                 


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