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Wednesday, January 08 2014

Home invasion occurs more frequently than most people want to believe. It occurs in all areas of town, inspite of how fast residents believe their local  police to be. AAA Locksmith Company was recently called to a townhome in Bellaire that had been robbed the night before. The residents were lucky they were not home at the time of the breakin and "only" a flat screen and 2 laptops were stolen. This door jam simply popped. This old strike plate was not installed properly and the cheap deadbolt popped out and broke the trim.

  This is damage on the door from the LAST breakin! That's right. This home has been broken into twice in the last few years! Some locksmith should have informed these homeowners that bettter locks were available that can prevent this type of home invasion.

These locks are too easy to open. There is simply  nothing "in there"! Let's see what a good locks like and what is required to install it properly.

These images compare the Multi Lock High Security lock bolt with that of the Maxtech deadbolt. Notice the difference in size, the ball bearings, and the full length metal sleeve. These features make the Multi Lock bolt a formidable obstacle to anyone trying to force it open and makes it more durable than any lock bolt on the market today.

The Multi Lock grade 1 high security deadbolt is machined from solid brass and steel components. Ball bearings and brass inserts protect the large high strength  mounting screws from punching and drilling and a steel guard protects the inside of the lock and the lock bolt.

All this work in order to get to this: Now the door is ready for the deadbolts to be installed. The damage has been covered and the door has been made stronger.

There, that looks much bettter. Now we needed to work on the door frame. We needed to install the ML security box and heavy  duty strikes. We needed to work with what was on the jam already  because of it's large foot print.

Here is the strike box installed underneath the existing strike on the bottom. This prevented the exposure of a large cut out on jam and the strike unstalled above in the usual manner. We use 3" or 5"  screws on all these applications depending on the jam requirements. No, these locks do not take "only 15 minutes" to install! This entire job, on one door, took almost 4 hours! Don't be fooled by some hot shot super fast lock slinger. It's only fast if you leave half the stuff in the box! I have seen it done! AAA Locksmith Company demands the highest standards from its technicians so you get only the highest standards on your job! When you need high quality and high security, call AAA Locksmith Co. at 713 666 5625. Your best and only choice for a Bellaire locksmith!

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