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Wednesday, January 15 2014

We receive calls from commercial clients all the time asking us to secure their warehouse doors with panic bars. This may seem like a simple job to the uninitiated but a great deal of work and attention to detail is needed to ensure that this is done correctly. The last thing that the professional locksmiths at AAA Locksmith Company want is for an exit device installed by one of Houston's best locksmiths to fall off! Lots of small parts and tools are needed to make sure this is done right.  This is what we have to start with in most cases. A light duty door knob and some kind of surface bolt. Both of these devices are illegal. They violate life safety and ADA codes. This client had just expanded his warehouse space and was told by the inspector to install proper exit locks on three doors. They all looked like this.

These pictures show how it turned out after Houston Locksmith, Mike Wilson, finished. Don't let the simplicity of the photos fool you. Most locksmiths don't even know about or how to use some of the supplies that were needed to accomplish this job in a manner that satisfied this professional locksmith. All these supplies and tools are a part of the everyday equipment on Mike's professional locksmith van. No detail is overlooked. Concrete anchors, thru bolts, taps, machine screw, armor plates, everything needed to make it right! So, if you need professional locksmith service for your business, or home, why risk a job poorly done? Get it done right the first time by a professional Houston Locksmith who has nearly 30 years of RELEVANT locksmith experience and who has the tools and equipment needed for the task. Always call AAA Locksmith Company at 713 666 5625

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