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Thursday, January 30 2014

Tuesday sure was a nasty day for this Bellaire Locksmith! What was your locksmith doing? Mike, with AAA Locksmith was fulfilling a commintment to a commercial client. This  client had enlisted the professional locksmith  services of AAA Locksmith Company to secure their front door with a self latching, code compliant lock and an emergency  exit on the back door. Seems employees were going out to smoke and leaving the doors open!

 This is the armored strike that the professional locksmith installed on the door frame. This device does not come with the latch. It must be stocked on the professional locksmith van and used with all of these types of frames. If not, the latch will not work properly. Notice how well it has been cut into the frame. High quality tools used with experience and skill make a big difference in the finished products appearance and functionality.

Shown next is the exit paddle which allows emergency  egress.

We also had to remove the door in order to replace the worn out hinges. This is common on these old doors and is very important if we want the new lock system to work properly. 

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