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Monday, March 03 2014

This is a copy of a real invoice from a real $20.00 locksmith. The customer called us, Bellaire Locksmith AAA Locksmith Company and asked for a quote. The price given to this nice lady was almost this much. Unfortunately, she thought our price was too high and she called a $20.00 locksmith from the internet. She should have trusted this Bellaire locksmith! When several of the locks did not work properly she tried to contact the "locksmith" but could not! Notice the top of the invoice!? No identification!! Well she called Bellaires real locksmith back and we went out and redid this entire job over for her. No hard feelings. The problem is though, that this company was able to fool this client with their low ball prices thereby taking money from us after we quoted an honest and fair price and getting into her house to do their dirty work! Having these dishonest people in her home is another story! Anyway, our price was only a little less but we were honest and upfront in the beginning and we never do poor work! Oh, BTW, if we ever do make a mistake(it happens), you can find us because our name is on our invoice! Don't take chances!! Call Bellaire's only real locksmith, AAA Locksmith Company!

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